Comet Cache Pro v16709 – WordPress Plugin Nulled

Download Comet Cache Pro v16709 – WordPress Plugin Nulled

Comet Cache Pro v16709 – WordPress Plugin Nulled

Free Download Comet Cache Pro v16709 – WordPress Plugin Nulled Comet Cache adds the perfect blend of speed, simplicity, and reliability. It’s simple, effective and there’s NO learning curve. No technical mumbo jumbo standing in your way. Just a few clicks and Comet Cache is ready-to-go!

Why does every WordPress site need a cache plugin?

WordPress is a database-driven publishing platform. For every request that a browser sends to your site, there are literally thousands of PHP routines that run in harmony behind-the-scenes. PHP routines alone, take time, but these routines also make many connections to the database, which takes even more time; i.e., very expensive from a performance standpoint.

So these PHP routines in your theme and in plugins you’ve installed; they’re running over & over again, every single time a page is requested by visitors, and also by search engines that crawl your site. Yes, every time! Geesh, what a waste of processing power, memory, and other system resources. After all, most of the content on your site remains the same for at least a few minutes — sometimes for days, or even weeks.

So maybe you’ve noticed that, on average, your site does not load up as fast as other sites on the web. This is why having a reliable cache plugin for WordPress solves so many problems. Comet Cache speeds up your site, it improves SEO, reduces server expenses, and it gives you more time to work on other things.

Lifetime Updates + 3 Years of Support

When you purchase Comet Cache Pro, you receive lifetime software updates and 3 years of support. After three years, you may continue to use Comet Cache Pro for as long as you wish. However, if you need ongoing support, a small renewal fee of $9/year for a Single-Site or 3-Site license, or $29/year for an Unlimited-Site license is required. Please check your “My Account” page for details regarding the renewal of your account.

Note: You may choose to renew, or not. Renewals do not occur automatically.

Single-Site vs. 3-Site vs. Unlimited-Site License

Single-Site License: This provides support for one instance of Comet Cache Pro. Perfect for site owners with one domain name. Loaded with all Pro features at an affordable rate. It’s a popular choice for many.

Multisite Networks: Please note that if you run a WordPress® Multisite Network with Comet Cache Pro active on multiple child blogs or sub-sites within your Network (regardless of whether you use sub-domains or sub-directories), this will always require our Unlimited-Site License. This is because Comet Cache Pro runs as a separate instance on each child blog or sub-site in the Network. To clarify, a Single-Site License does NOT provide support for multiple child blogs or sub-sites, even if they do run within a single Multisite Network installation of WordPress®. A Single-Site License is valid for one instance only.

3-Site License: This provides support for three (3) instances of Comet Cache Pro. Perfect for site owners with up to three domain names. Loaded with all Pro features at an affordable rate. It’s our most popular choice.

Unlimited-Site License: This provides support for an unlimited number of Comet Cache Pro instances. Perfect for site owners with multiple domain names, and/or those who operate a WordPress® Multisite Network installation. Each of your Comet Cache Pro instances must be installed/activated on domains that you own & operate; e.g. you cannot buy an Unlimited-Site License and use it on client sites that you do not own. (To cover this scenario, see the developer section below.)

Developer License

If you’re a developer: Your clients will need to purchase their own Single-Site and/or Unlimited-Site License, or you can purchase a Developer License that will cover their sites. The Single-Site and Unlimited-Site licenses do not support Comet Cache Pro instances on domains that you do not own and operate yourself—a Developer License is required to cover sites that you do not own.

We invite all developers to join our affiliate program and refer their clients to us. Your clients may purchase Comet Cache Pro on their own — you receive a commission. This also gives your clients access to future releases through an account they’ll acquire at our website. It’s the approach we suggest for all developers working w/ clients needing Comet Cache Pro, but if you’re managing your clients’ sites you can use a Developer License to cover that scenario.

Comet Cache™ Pro Refund Policy

We’re committed to building the best software out there and we stand by our work. If Comet Cache Pro does not perform as advertised, we will refund your money within 14 days from the date of purchase. Absolutely no refunds will be given after 14 days from the original purchase. Once we issue a refund, your account will be downgraded and you will no longer have access to Comet Cache Pro.

If Comet Cache Pro does not make your website faster, or if you have an issue with Comet Cache Pro that we cannot resolve, we will refund your money within 14 days from the date of purchase.

To receive a refund for a technical issue, you should contact us with before/after comparison reports using Pingdom Tools to demonstrate that Comet Cache Pro did not make your website faster. All refunds require that you open a support ticket.

Refunds do not apply to any renewal fees for ongoing access to support.

Purchasing Comet Cache Pro indicates that you agree to the terms of the Refund Policy.

You can Download Comet Cache Pro v16709 – WordPress Plugin Nulled form the download links below. We share files under the terms of GPL (GNU General Public License) that provides premium themes, plugins & php scripts for testing purpose only. We promote WordPress and bloggers web design and scripts to the users globally so that you can check it before buying any theme/plugin/script from the original developer/designer. If the item fulfill your requirements and you’re satisfied with it then buy it from the developer for commercial use. We don’t host any of the files, this site only contains download links from 3rd party sites by individual users which are freely available on all over the Internet.

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